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Be the best version of yourself. I felt like I needed to get fit and 'do something', I have never really enjoyed fitness in general so thought I would try kickboxing instead. Really enjoyed my lessons so decided to try some 1-2-1 private lessons. Gareth was great, really relaxed but very skillful and knowledgable. Who would have thought I would end up competing at the NEC and having trophies and gold medals on my shelf! If you are afraid of hard work then stay away but if you want someone who will push you to be the best you that you can be then be sure to give Gareth a try.

S Lloyd

Slim. Fit. Strong. Bring it on! I started one to one lessons with Gareth to help in my weightloss journey. The lessons were tough but enjoyable and I found myself not only getting slimmer but also getting fitter, stronger and gaining confidence (not to mention picking up some fighting skills along the way!!)

Jenny L

Gareth always gives me great sessions. He is a great person and would highly recommend him for anyone that wants to not only train hard but learn more about themselves as a person

Lee Foster